Your privacy is important to us. We conduct regular assessment reviews and abide by rigorous privacy standards to ensure personal information we collect, use and share is protected. This U.S. Online Privacy Notice ("Notice") describes how Blue Star Finance Corporation and our affiliates manage personal information about you when you interact with us online through our websites, event registration sites, mobile applications and social sites ("Sites and Mobile Apps") through your computer, smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices ("computer or mobile devices").

This notice explains
How we collect personal information when you visit, use or interact with us online, and through our ads displayed through online services operated by us or non-affiliated third parties
How we may use or share personal information collected to deliver products and services to you and for advertising or event management purposes
The term "Blue Star Finance" or "we", "us" or "our" in this Notice refers to banking and non-banking U.S. affiliates or subsidiaries of Blue Star Finance Corporation that link to or reference this Notice.

By using our Sites and Mobile Apps, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Notice. Blue Star Finance works with third party providers who are contractually obligated to comply with our policies to protect information. However, if you visit or access one of these third party provider sites or mobile apps, please review the online privacy practices of that site or mobile app to understand the specifics of how your online personal information may be collected, used and shared.

Updates to this Notice
This Notice is subject to change. We update this notice periodically to comply with the most recent federal and local laws. Please review it whenever you have questions. If we make changes to this Notice, we will revise the Last updated date on this page.

How do we collect personal information online?
We collect personal information about you through your computer or mobile devices by the use of cookies and similar tracking technologies (see our Cookie Policy for details) as well as personal information you provide when you visit or use our Sites and Mobile Apps, for example when you:

  • Apply for or open a new account
  • Register for a new product or service, or request information about a product or service
  • Register as a participant in one of our events
  • Complete a survey, contest or sweepstakes or other promotion
  • Use aggregation services such as My Portfolio® and My Financial Picture® in order to consolidate your financial account or information at one online location
  • We may use third party providers to process personal information for business purposes on our behalf. Third party providers are contractually obligated to comply with our policies to protect information we share with them or they collect on our behalf.

The personal information we collect is limited to what is required to provide our products or services and to support legal and risk requirements. For additional information, please review the How do we use your personal information section of this Notice.

Types of personal information we collect online
The type of personal information we collect from and about you online will depend on how you interact with us and may include:

  • Contact Information such as name, mailing address, email address, telephone and mobile number(s)
  • Account Application information such as credit and income information
  • Identifiers such as social security number, account number(s), driver's license number (or comparable) or other information that identifies you for ordinary business purposes
  • Access Authorization such as user name, alias, PIN and passcode and security questions and answers
  • Information from your computer and mobile devices where allowed by individual browsers and/or operating systems, such as:
    • Unique device identifiers (for example Media Access Control (MAC) and Internet Protocol (IP) addresses)
    • Browser type, version, language, and display/screen settings
    • Information about how you use and interact with our Sites and Mobile Apps (for example activities on pages visited, links clicked or unique and measurable patterns such as keystrokes, mouse clicks and movements, swipes and gestures)
  • Responses to advertisements on sites and mobile apps where we advertise
  • Log information such as your search and voice to text queries in the mobile app Search engine referrals
  • Geolocation information with consent (for example ATM or financial center location, fraud prevention)
  • Social media preference
  • Information to facilitate virtual or in-person event management (for example attendee names, dietary requirements, special assistance needs, and travel details for participants)

Third Party Data Sharing

Some companies may offer aggregation websites and services that allow you to share your data with them in order to consolidate your account information from different sources (such as your accounts with us or with other financial institutions) so that you can view it in one location or perform actions related to your accounts using their services. To do this, a third party may request you to authorize access to your Blue Star Finance accounts by providing your Blue Star Finance username and passcode or by providing your information-sharing consent directly to Blue Star Finance.

The third party may access, on your behalf, information about yourself, your Blue Star Finance relationship, and your accounts with us. You should use caution and ensure that the third party has appropriate policies and practices to protect the privacy and security of any personal information you provide or to which they are gaining access. Use of your information by the third party is governed by your agreement with them, not by Blue Star Finance.

We are not responsible for the use or disclosure of any personal information accessed by any company or person to whom you provide your site username and passcode. If you share your Blue Star Finance username, passcode or other information about your accounts with others, we will consider that you have authorized any transaction or action initiated by using the access information you provide. If you decide to revoke the authority you have given to a third party, we strongly recommend that you change your Blue Star Finance passcode to ensure that the third party cannot continue to access your account. You may revoke your consent for certain third parties through the Security Center within Blue Star Finance Online Banking.

Social Media

Blue Star Finance engages with customers on social media platforms such as Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube® and LinkedIn®.

Any content you post on official Blue Star Finance managed social media pages, such as pictures, information, opinions or any personal information that you make available to other participants on these social platforms, is subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of those respective platforms.

When interacting with official Blue Star Finance social media pages, Blue Star Finance's privacy notices, Social Media User Terms and Community Guidelines may apply.

Please review the privacy policy for the specific social media service you are using to better understand your rights and obligations with regard to such content.

We may allow social share buttons on our sites that enable users to easily share information on social media platforms. The non-affiliated third parties that own these widgets may have access to information about your browsing on pages of our Sites and Mobile Apps where these widgets are placed.

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