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For all your personal financial goals, we're here to make sure life happens on your terms.


Personal Account

They say that life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. Maybe you've just graduated, maybe you're getting married and planning for a family, maybe you're looking toward a second career a lot sooner than you planned. No matter where you are in life, Blue Star Bank can help keep your financial life on track. From buying a car or that first house, to saving for your child's college tuition or planning for your own retirement, we're here to make sure life happens on your terms.

Our Mission is You

Everyone is unique. Multiply that by the many stages of each life, and it's easy to see why you need a complete array of options for your financial management. Our personal accounts come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a student just starting out, a working parent with kids, or a baby boomer getting ready to settle back and enjoy the fruits of your lifelong labors, Blue Star Bank offers everything you need. As Your Financial Partner for Life -- Our mission is you! Your potential, your opportunities, your financial security, your dreams

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Personal Account

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We offers Loans at a very low Interest Rate with long duration of repayments.


Our Mission is Mortgages. The right market, the right Bank, right now.

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To help you and your business prosper, our Bank has a complete program of business services to make your banking as cost and time efficient as possible.

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Our financial services is very secured. Securities and insurance services are provided by PrimeVest Financial Services, Inc., an independent registered broker dealer.

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Our Customer supports are always active 24/7. You can contact us anytime and anywhere. visit our Contact Us page for more info.

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